iMazing 2.15.11 Full Crack + Keygn Free Download {2022}

By | October 7, 2022

iMazing Crack enables you to swiftly transfer data between iOS devices, transfer files between your iPad/iPhone and your computer, and create more intelligent backups, only restore backups you need instead of the entire thing and also remove iTunes backup files to ensure you can access the data and then import them selectively and much more. With iMazing Crack managing your iOS devices’ data is an absolute breeze. If you’re an avid user of y our iPhone or iPad I strongly suggest purchasing iMazing Crack with Keygen because it’s life-saving and a time-saver in the event that you schedule automatic backups using the application. It all boils down to a matter of convenience when dealing with the files stored in iPhones, iPad, and computers. But, if you’re a user of iTunes and don’t mind spending an extra few minutes organizing your data on your device.

iMazing 2.15.11 Full Crack + Keygn Free Download {2022}


iMazing 2.15.11 Crack With Activation Key Free Download {2022}

iMazing Crack It is an iOS file manager that was designed specifically to work on Mac. With it, you can save media files on the iPad to your computer, copy iPhone contacts onto your PC, copy tracks from iPods to your personal iTunes library, and many more. It will definitely come to the aid of those who have iOS devices. It is compatible with all iOS versions and models (even the latest generation) and supports a variety of formats of files, and can communicate effectively with iTunes. The utility allows you to save your iOS files into the iTunes library iTunes directory.

When you connect the iOS gadget to your Mac the program instantly imports and sorts documents from the device. It allows you to preview your images and use the built-in search feature to quickly locate files in the device, back up iOS app information, and much more. The utility is able to perform a range of tasks. One thing that’s not included is an integrated media player that could prove useful in the event that you want to play tracks or stream videos from your iOS device before moving the files onto your Mac.

In short, I believe anyone with an iOS device and is searching for a different method to iTunes to manage Apple gadget data ought to consider giving iMazing Crack with Activation Code a shot. It’s feature-rich, easy to operate, and inexpensive. Created through “DigiDNA,” the software was released first in 2008 under the name “DiskAid” and then renamed “iMazing Crack .” As the title suggests, it’s an “iMazing Crack ” management tool that acts like a Swiss Army knife. It permits data transfer across every Apple device (iPads, iPhones, iPods, Macs) and supports Windows as well as macOS.

iMazing 2.15.11 Crack + Serial Key Full Version Download {2022}

Contrary to iTunes, iMazing Crack can make this process incredibly easy by sharing images as well as exporting other elements like voicemails, texts, and text messages to my PC without difficulty. But the most impressive feature is that it allows you to transfer apps’ data to multiple devices on an app-by-app basis. The tool claims to offer different services, including backups, data migration from one phone to the next as well as the transfer of data from apps on a per-app basis. Let’s go through the steps to install it, and look at the way it works.

iMazing provides you with a variety of customized options to restore your data. You can recover the whole backup, and transfer all the files onto your iOS phone, or select the apps or datasets you’d prefer to restore. According to iMazing Crack with Torrent, these are the kinds of data that are transferable including Contacts, Photos messages, Contact History, Messages, Voicemail, Notes Accounts, Keychain, Calendars and Notes, Voice Memos, Apps Data, Safari Bookmarks, others. Note that restoring backups will erase all of the current data stored on your target iOS device.

iMazing Crack claims to be its own Swiss Army Knife of iPhone, iPad, and iPod management, as it allows you to control your data on mobile devices however you’d like to. The all-purpose tool lets you effortlessly navigate and manage your backups, print and extract the text messages you send, and drag and drop music onto your iPhone and iPad – and all this without having to jailbreak your phone. If you’ve ever upgraded your phone or needed to change phones and phones, you’re aware of the frustration of losing your data.

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iMazing 2.15.11 Full Crack + Keygn Free Download {2022}


  • File transfer between all Mac or PC and any iOS device will work with all apps documents as well as data and media
  • Connect using super-fast USB or Wi-Fi to enjoy seamless and secure access
  • No cloud No jailbreak, not even an iTunes account or sync needed It just works, even when using the brand new iOS 9
  • Backup, restore, and copy the entire iOS device, either completely or selectively, based on the data set
  • Archive all of your devices, including apps. Backup them at any time, from any device
  • Backup and restore apps, along with their user preferences and data and media(for applications that support file sharing) You can save space, then reinstall them whenever you’re required to
  • Music transfer between an iPhone, iPod, or iPad as well as all Mac or PC
  • Works on both sides, both to as well from iOS devices, without any prior sync or iTunes account matching requirements.
  • Manages every album, track, playlist, and count: build your iTunes library however you want
  • Manage iPhone contacts using the comfort of your Mac or PC. Add or delete contacts from vCards or Outlook directly
  • Copy all movies and pictures onto your computer, either from the Camera Roll or your Photo Albums as well as from iCloud Photo Streams
  • Transfer all of your iPhone data to a brand new device that runs iOS in just two simple steps
  • Create complete backups that include the media, data state of apps, and the settings of your device. To preserve disk space videos and music libraries are managed separately.

What’s new:

  • iMazing Crack 2 is the most modern backup software that works with all iOS devices
  •  It’s more powerful and user-friendly than iTunes it is also more secure and more secure than iCloud
  • Additionally, with a modern interface and intuitive wizards.
  •  It’s a more engaging experience for everyone Mac as well as a PC owner.


iMazing Crack System Requirements:

  • Supports all iPhone, iPad & iPod
  • macOS 10.10 or later
  • Windows 7 or later
  • Access to the license is applicable for the duration of connected mobile devices. The license is able to be extended to include additional devices as needed.
  • The deadline for redemption is the 30th day of your coupon within 30 days after the date of purchase.
  • A version of the software: 2.13 (macOS); 2.13 (Windows)
  • Updates  included

iMazing Crack Pros:

  • 1. Flexible options for backup and restoration.
  • 2. IMazing directly exports or prints messages or call logs.
  • 3. Simple UI/UX.
  • 4. It can extract iTunes backups to view and selectively import files.
  • 5 The iMazing program is a great tool to make use of.
  • An alternative to iTunes to manage iOS devices Backups, devices, and other information
  • Copy data from one iOS device onto another one in just one step
  • Save iOS backups everywhere with Time Machine-style archives

iMazing Crack Cons:

  • The image is read-only, and can not to alter.
  • There aren’t any cons as of yet.
  • Accessing messages, calls, Notes, and contacts requires backups of your device
  • Long thumbnails for the initial scan using iCloud Photo Library
  • Certain operations are more sluggish than when using iTunes
  • Backup archives to save into Mac or PC volumes

How to Crack & Install:

iMazing runs on a computer and is fully compatible with every PC or Mac. It is possible to get the application downloaded from their official website. (This application isn’t listed in any app store.) It’s safe to install since I’ve used anti-virus programs to scan the installers for viruses on Windows as well as Mac computers.

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In case you’re not the biggest huge fan of iTunes or iCloud in terms of controlling the data on your iPhone as well as iPad data, you should try iMazing. I’ve spent a few hours testing the app and talking to DigiDNA’s DigiDNA team (who answers customer questions). Overall, I’m amazed by the features DigiDNA offers.

iMazing 2.15.11 Full Crack + Keygn Free Download {2022}


iMazing Crack FAQs:

What exactly is the iMazing alternative list?

This software iMazing and its alternative programs link to a sync or backup category. Find all the information we discussed about iMazing and its alternatives on this page.

What alternatives are there to iMazing Crack?

In this article, we will discuss the alternatives to iMazing. Check out the top list of other alternatives for iMazing and the iMazing-like Software.

What are the pricing plans for the iMazing Crack alternative software?

The Cost of iMazing and the alternatives of iMazing can be Free or Freemium.

Is it possible to use iMazing Crack with the iPhone and iPad?

It’s not, iMazing should be installed on your Mac or Windows PC. Connect your Apple phone to your PC through USB or Wi-Fi. You can then control your devices via your computer.

I own an Android device I have an Android device, can iMazing use it for me?

iMazing will only work with Apple devices Sorry.

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